Pranayama Intensive

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Pranayama Intensive

5-Day Asana & Pranayama Intensives

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This immersion workshop presents the transformative practice of pranayama in an intensive 5-day format. It provides a thorough introduction to the art of yogic breathing, and will take your practice to the next stage. The systematic teachings provide all aspirants with a great opportunity to take their yoga practice to a more profound level.


The workshop is based on the traditional texts of hatha yoga and provides a proper foundation for the powerful practice of pranayama and kundalini yoga. The training elaborates on:

  • the physical basics of respiration to prepare the lungs for advanced techniques of breath control,
  • energetic mechanisms of pranayama,
  • metaphysical concepts and spiritual impacts.

The program presents several auxiliary asanas and two very efficient purification techniques:

  • nauli kriya – a strong sublimation practice (similar to uddiyana bandha – see photo), and
  • agnisara dhauti – one of the best methods to actually perceive the flow of subtle energy.


The theoretical part of the workshop includes a number of inspiring lectures on:

  • the laws of the mind and methods of self-suggestion,
  • the three tendencies of tamas, rajas and sattva,
  • the philosophical basis of yoga, and much more.

Of course, the workshop also includes ample time for guided asana practice and meditation.


East meets West on the Brandenburg-Gate

Yoga. Alternate Breathing pattern, Nadi Shodhana Pranayama

Yoga. Nauli-Kriya. Abdominal purification technique. Rotating muscles of abdomen


Dates & Venue

This intensive workshop is regularly offered in various locations:

In Mexico the course venue is situated in the vibrant surfer town of Mazunte. We are hosted in the headquarters of Hridaya & Agama Yoga Mexico on the shores of the roaring Pacific (Oaxaca, Mexican south-west coast). The views of the mountain-top yoga hall guarantee a breath taking experience.

In Thailand the workshop is held on the tropical paradise island of Koh Phangan. Here we are hosted by our friends of the Monte Vista Retreat Center.

In Europe the Pranayama Intensive is regularly offered in various locations such as Sweden, Germany, Turkey.


Please feel free to contact us directly for upcoming events, rates & venues.

Yoga Teachers. Meditation Instructors

Janusirsasana - Posture of the Head to the Knee


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