Conscious Loving

Conscious Loving

Workshop Content

This immersion course is an invitation to bring awareness to the way we express love, live relationships & relate to sexuality. It is an opportunity to understand and overcome limiting patterns, and to cultivate unconditional love. The syllabus includes teachings from Tantra, Kama Sutra, Spiritual Heart Yoga, Sufism, Alchemy, Psychoanalysis, Taoism (Mantak Chia), David Deida and other established traditional & contemporary sources.
This workshop does not include any nudity or explicit sexual acts ! Informative lectures transmit fundamental methods and models. Techniques from Hatha Yoga, breathing exercises and partner meditations build energetic sensitivity and emotional connection. Couples and singles are welcome to join.

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On Love

The inspiring curriculum elaborates on different perspectives on love and its manifestations in life and relationship. It transmits strategies to detach from fear & jealousy, and shows how to move from egoistic to compassionate love. The spiritual wisdom of mystic traditions inspires a profound non-dual perspective on the Oneness of divine Love.

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On relationship

A variety of models & methods opens the way to the liberating power of relationships: Animus, Anima, complementary fitting and the Androgynous state, the partner as mirror, transformation through crises, polarity and the potential of difference, union in diversity, overcoming emotional reactivity and destructive patterns, learning to live with an open heart.

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On sexuality

The workshop elaborates on the transformative momentum of the sexual energy. If channeled properly, the creative force can be used to move beyond shallow individualized pleasure seeking, into present moment awareness, trust and deep union. Potent methods of Tantric Yoga provide tools to cultivate the sexual continence, Brahmacharya: the skill to conserve the creative energy and to enjoy prolonged, multi-orgasmic lovemaking. The art of sublimation allows the transformation of sexual energy into supreme love.

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The workshops are facilitated by Burkhard Langemann and Kirsten Reiss. They have been sharing their lives for 17 years and are aspiring to explore the depths of relationships. Kirsten and Burkhard have been studying and teaching in Asia for more than 7 years, exploring the world of authentic Yoga and spirituality. They are professional and seasoned teachers who are consistently inspiring others with their dedicated and enthusiastic way of embodying the yogic teachings.
Read more about them here.

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“Love is will, the will to share your happiness with all.
Being happy — making happy — this is the rhythm of love.”
– Nisargadatta Maharaj

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