Advanced Hatha Retreat



The advanced Hatha Retreat is designed for yoga practitioners who would like to intensify their existing practice and take it to the next level. The course deepens the understanding of basic and sophisticated hatha yoga techniques such as asana, pranayama, shatkarma (purification), and meditation. The authentic teachings broaden the practical comprehension of yogic philosophy and facilitate a direct awareness to the present moment.

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We teach classical Indian hatha yoga which works with subtle energies and the seven chakras. The seven chakras are potent gateways with which we can access different levels of existence. They allow us to develop our physical body, emotions and thoughts, and can be used to induce altered states of consciousness. The course transmits a practical experience of the chakras and gives a direct understanding of one’s energetic structure and psychology. Potent practices help to guide the energy and facilitate the transformation of consciousness.

Nadi Shodhana Pranayama: a harmonizing breathing pattern from Yoga



The practice of asanas purifies all seven chakras and creates harmony in body, mind and emotions. This overall balancing is a prerequisite to develop a lucid awareness of the present moment, and allows us to practice the power of now in yoga sessions and daily life.
The basic sequence touches all seven chakras and includes 20 fundamental asanas: standing and sitting postures as well as inversions. Throughout the course we introduce additional asanas for each chakra, clarifying their physical performance, alignment, health benefits, and their energetic and psychological effects.

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Pranayama is an advanced yogic practice of breath control which works with the subtle force Prana. It is a highly potent tool to calm the mind, to balance the emotions, and to purify the energy & nervous system. Pranayama thereby creates the proper conditions for deeper states of consciousness. During the retreat we will develop a consistent practice of alternated breathing which allows for a direct experience of the powerful effects of such simple techniques.

Nadi Shodhana Pranayama: a harmonizing breathing pattern from Yoga



The course offers two different types of meditation: music mediation and spiritual heart meditation. Music meditation is an easily accessible tool which we use to increase the practical experience of the different qualities of the chakras.
Spiritual heart meditation is a silent mediation which is based on heart centering, breath awareness, simple techniques to quiet the mind, and the method of self enquiry. This marvelous mixture enables beginners and advanced practitioners alike to increase the awareness of the present moment.

the art of awareness



The day is divided into two sessions: The 3-hour morning session is dedicated to practice only, containing asana, pranayama and meditation. The first part of the 4-hour afternoon session is another block of practice, which is followed by an evening lecture on yogic topics complementing the practice of the day. Every practical session includes a short presentation of a new yoga technique (asana / pranayama / shat karma kriya).
The course is certified and serves as a valuable education for Yoga teachers, and supports all aspirants on the spiritual path. Please click here to find all details about dates and venues.

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The Advanced Hatha Retreat is lead by the founders of the Akasha Yoga Academy Burkhard & Kirsten who have been dedicating their lives to the spiritual path since more than a decade. They studied hatha & kundalini yoga with Swami Vivekananda Saraswati (Thailand) and Reinhard Gammenthaler, and they received private pranayama teachings from BNS Iyengar in Mysore (India).
Burkhard & Kirsten are advanced teachers of the international Yoga Alliance. They inspire their students with an authentic & enthusiastic style of teaching & being. Read more about them here.

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