Special Features

Professional Teachers

The enthusiastic attitude of the primary instructors creates very transformative atmosphere. The head teachers Burkhard Langemann and Kirsten Reiss have been sharing their lives for more than 14 years, and they continuously inspire others with their dedicated way of embodying the yogic teachings.
Their comprehensive educations and their varied working experiences allow them to draw from a unique foundation, and they manage to integrate traditional philosophy with a harmonious modern lifestyle. Read more about them here.

Personal Guidance & Holistic Coaching

The limited group size provides the opportunity for personalized assistance on all levels. One-on-one interviews and coaching sessions with a professional psychologist help to unfold hidden potential. The secluded setting and the supportive atmosphere contribute to the transformative potential of this Teacher Training Course.


Intensity of Theory & Practice

Many of the lectures have an eye-opening effect on our habitual way of living, and the intensive practice of asana, pranayama, and meditation can trigger evolution on many levels.
The demanding schedule of this full-time immersion course creates a strong transformational field. The curriculum requires a firm commitment and rewards the graduates with a life-changing experience and profound development.


Practicum Sessions with Efficient Feedback

The experience of actually teaching yoga during the TTC boosts the participants’ personal growth in various areas. The solid pedagogical framework and the supportive feedback of our professional instructors empower the participants to become successful teachers. A variety of efficient techniques (like NLP, rhetoric, voice training, marketing, etc.) allow the graduates to evolve into inspiring teachers.


Yoga Therapy & Healing

Every technique taught in the course includes a detailed overview of its health benefits. A varied program of practical lectures and exercises provides a solid understanding of the principles of purification and holistic healing.
The understanding is deepened by each student’s personal practice of the cleansing methods, diets, and massage techniques introduced in the course. Such direct experience will provide participants with the insight and confidence to help themselves and others.


Synthesis of Yogic Wisdom & Scientific Research

Our course is remarkable in that it presents the inspiring, contemplative teachings of the yogic tradition in a rational, understandable way. Our head teachers transmit this profound ancient wisdom by relating it to a modern, scientific perspective. Their inspiring approach provides a lucid union of East and West, and opens a space for actual integration of theory and practice. By applying the theoretical teachings in formal practice and daily life, participants learn how to authentically “walk the talk.”


Inspiring Locations in Tropical Surroundings

The location in Thailand is the tropical paradise island of Koh Phangan. The peaceful Retreat Center is surrounded by lush vegetation and jungle mountains, offering marvelous views of the turquoise sea.
The venue in Mexico is situated in a small fisherman’s town on the southern Pacific Coast. Lonely beaches, steep cliffs and the big waves of the roaring ocean provide vivid intensity for surfers and yogis.

Our program includes some side activities like bhajans singing, acrobatic yoga, beach bonfires, and optional excursions and day-trips to fascinating tropical sights such as waterfalls, jungle trails, snorkeling tours, boat tours to dolphins, whales, turtles and much more.

Learn to en-joy the profound Beauty of Existence, and allow yourself to evolve in these perfect surroundings!

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