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The intensive meditation courses of the Akasha Yoga Academy offer a world-embracing type of spirituality based on the teachings of Hridaya Yoga. The approach is rooted in the Indian traditions of Advaita Vedanta & Kashmir Shaivism, but the integral view also incorporates attitudes from Buddhism, Sufism and mystic teachers like Eckhart Tolle. This refreshing style of meditation facilitates the first experiences of beginners and allows seasoned practitioners to rediscover the joy & depth of meditation.

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Retreat Content

“Hridaya” means “Spiritual Heart” and refers to the divine essence of our being. Inspiring tools show how to live with an open Heart. Simple yet powerful techniques of breath awareness calm the mind, while the question “Who am I?” leads us beyond an exclusive identification with our physical and personal existence, guiding us instead towards the Consciousness of Oneness.

The Retreat for the Revelation of the Spiritual Heart helps to refine our awareness of the present moment and shows us how to integrate spiritual discernment into daily life.

This immersion course emphasizes the actual practice of meditation, but also includes physical Hatha Yoga sessions. Inspirational lectures translate traditional wisdom into accessible modern language and offer tools for its practical application. Please take a look at the retreat content here.

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Program & Schedule

The course focuses on the practice of meditation, and incorporates hatha yoga, inspiring lectures on various practical and psychological topics, as well as question & answer sessions.
The days of our immersion workshops are divided into a morning and an afternoon session. In various breaks participants can rest and connect to the surrounding nature. To ensure the intensity of the experience we kindly ask to join all sessions of the course.
Please find a detailed description of the content of the meditation retreats here.

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“I highly recommend Burkhard and Kirsten’s meditation retreats and yoga classes. They are knowledgeable and experienced, and they practice what they preach. On top of that, they are very loving, caring and compassionate to their students.”

Eyal from Israel, May 2012

“I found both Burkhard and Kirsten to be truly inspirational facilitators, both of whom have an obvious gift for teaching and genuine passion for sharing a style of meditation in which they are both beautiful examples of its benefits in daily life.”

James from Australia, May 2012

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Our meditation courses are led by Burkhard Langemann and Kirsten Reiss, who have been exploring the world of Yoga, Science, and Spirituality for more than a decade. Originally from Germany, Burkhard holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology while Kirsten holds one in Architecture.
They have both studied Yoga and Meditation with a variety of eminent teachers in India and Thailand, and together they have completed a total of 1500 hours of certified Teacher Training. Professional and seasoned, they have more than 3000 hours of intensive teaching experience, and consistently inspire their students with their authentic and enthusiastic way of being. Read more about them here.

Living with an Open Heart

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