Integral Coaching

Integral coaching

The life coaching sessions are designed to bring harmony and spiritual growth to various areas of life. They offer psychological guidance in situations of change and help to understand the deeper meaning of crises and its inherent transformative potential.

Approach & method

The one-on-one training helps to face problematic patterns, and to uncover self-limiting conditions. A lucid alertness helps to recognize the underlying reasons of challenges. We need to overcome the overwhelming force of energetic and emotional reactivity to develop equanimity, discrimination and love; leading into an open-hearted life.

The Counseling is based on methods from integral psychology of Ken Wilber, spiritual heart psychology of Hridaya Yoga and shadow work of Gestalt Therapy. The goal oriented short-term therapy provides a systematic evaluation of the current life-situation, and a comprehensive program for holistic evolution on all levels. The counseling can also address specific issues like emotional trauma, relationships, reactive patterns, psycho-somatic diseases, addictions, etc.


The Coach

Burkhard is exploring the world of science & spirituality with his partner Kirsten since more than a decade. He studied Psychology, Education & Integral Theory in Berlin, graduating with an academic Master’s Thesis on Holistic Development. He is a certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher, and is working as a Life Coach in Asia since 2007.
Through his vivid integration of ancient wisdom & modern science, he aims to bring awareness, joy and harmony into daily life. Read more about him here.

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