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Kirsten & Burkhard

“The two who train you are Burkhard & Kirsten. They’re a couple, not married, from Germany. Truly fabulous teachers, they remain professional 100% of the time; two very different personalities that complement the training (and each other) beautifully. And they’re both extremely passionate about teaching. The kindness is overwhelming from these two.”
– Pip from the UK, August 2014

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Yoga Teacher Training

“I am so grateful for this amazing experience. I am honestly speechless and have no words to express the gratitude I have in my heart for the two of you. This TTC was exactly the next step for my spiritual journey and I can feel a newfound momentum. My life will never be the same, and this is a beautiful thing. Thank you for helping me grow and dive deeper.”
– Ashley from the USA, August 2013

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Phangan Island, Thailand

“You cannot discover new oceans until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”
– Anon

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Bali, Indonesia

“The world doesn’t want to be saved. It wants to be loved. That’s how we save it.”

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Teacher Training Graduates

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April 2012

“…The best part is that now that I’m teaching I can see how well this Yoga Teacher Training prepared me.”
– David from the USA, April 2012

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Princess Island, Turkey

“I highly recommend Burkhard and Kirsten’s Meditation Retreats and Yoga classes. They are knowledgeable and experienced, and they practice what they preach. On top of that, they are very loving, caring and compassionate.”
– Eyal from Israel, June 2012

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Forrest Lake, Sweden

“Before I took the 3-Day Spiritual Heart Retreat, I didn’t really know how to meditate. I’d got pretty good at sitting still physically, but my mind was not still at all. During the 3 days, I felt so peaceful, and at one with nature, with myself. Now, meditation is a part of my life. I feel so grounded and ready for the day after it. It wouldn’t be this way without those profound 3 days to guide me in.
– Suzy from the UK, April 2012

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Pacific Coast, Mexico

“Your beautiful energy full of wisdom, profound experience and integrity makes me realize how important it is to receive teachings in the most conductive environment much of which is created by the gifted transmitters. Apart from the wonderful teachings that you shared with joy and admirable humbleness, I feel how deeply your careful observations and pertinent perceptions have affected my entire Sadhana to new levels of profoundness. “
– Guillaume from France, May 2012

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