Etiquette & Participation Terms

I understand that this Teacher Training can be an intense and challenging experience for me and my fellow students. I will do my best to adopt a positive attitude, and I will provide a loving and supporting environment for others. I agree to conduct myself in a respectful manner towards all teachers, fellow classmates and staff.

I understand that this is a demanding full-time course. I will devote my time and energies to give full priority to this training. I will practice responsibility, ownership of my emotions, thoughts & actions, and I aspire for consistent engagement in self-study & self-awareness.

I understand that this Yoga Teacher Training is an educational program designed for groups. I am aware that if I face major physical or psychological challenges, I need to seek outside professional support. I understand that the Akasha team holds space for the entire group, and therefore I cannot expect exclusive personal guidance and psychological coaching beyond what is offered as part of the curriculum and during the standard personal interviews.

I understand that 100% punctuality and active participation is expected for all classes. Early arrival 5 minutes before each lecture/practice is required.

I understand that attendance to all classes is mandatory to successfully complete the course. In the event of a properly excused absence, I understand that I can miss no more than two course days in total. Legitimate reasons could be sickness or administrative issues, e.g. visa. I also understand that if I miss more than the allowed number of hours, in compliance with the official Yoga Alliance standards, I am not entitled to receive the accredited Yoga Instructor Certificate.

I understand that using electronic devices during a class or a lecture is disruptive for myself & others, and I agree not to use any electronic devices during the sessions.

I understand that I am required to fulfill the above obligations in order to remain on the course, and that tuition payment alone does not guarantee certification from the Akasha Yoga Academy Teacher Training.
Punctuality, full participation, completion of all practicum assignments, demonstration of an understanding of the training content in a final exam, as well as acting in a respectful manner will ensure certification and successful completion of the training.

I agree to abide by the payment policy: US $ 200 non-refundable deposit paid upon initial registration; closing date for full payment is one month prior to the training’s commencement. To benefit from the early-bird offer, the full payment is due already two months prior to the course start date.
(The full refund policy & the sign-up process are outlined here: )

The tuition includes daily breakfast buffets, (lunch buffets for the courses held in Bali), all teachings, handbooks & manuals, Yoga Alliance accredited certificate, letter of recommendation, and ongoing assistance in our long-term support program. I understand that the tuition does not include transportation, accommodation and further meals.

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